What an inspirational morning connecting with 12 amazing women entrepreneurs and professionals at our first networking event of 2024 at Water’s Edge hosted by Women Ahead.

As chair of Women Ahead, an affiliate group of the Association of Scottish Businesswomen (ASB), Delia kicked things off by providing a brief overview of our organization.

We aim to empower and support women business owners through networking, workshops, and collaboration.

She highlighted our agenda for 2024, including workshops on topics like social media marketing and work-life balance as well as monthly networking coffee mornings and evening socials. Delia also outlined the many membership benefits.

After her opening remarks, we watched an empowering video from Oprah Winfrey about motivation. Then, each talented lady introduced herself and gave an overview of her business, representing diverse sectors from HR, law, consultancy, construction, and many more. We discussed balancing life and work as entrepreneurs.

We are grateful to everyone for bringing their insightful perspectives and vibrant energy. We hope all who attended will join our empowering community. Your expertise would be such an invaluable addition.

We were also honoured to have in attendance Marie Paterson, author of the book “The Positive Path to Wellbeing”, who shared her insights.

Thank you.

A special thanks to member Sandra O’Shea for her event support and to all who helped make this morning possible. Let’s keep elevating each other!

Delia Smith-Bucur
Elizabeth Humble
Jacqui Treays
Susan Francombe
Sandra O’Shea

Women Ahead
Association of Scottish Businesswomen (ASB)